We are Snailed It!

We build software that we want to see and use ourselves.

Our Apps

WhenWorks App
WhenWorks App Icon


Meet without the back and forth.

Pushcut App
Pushcut App Icon


Triggers, notifications & widgets that kick off your automation.

FocusCuts App
FocusCuts App Icon


A macOS app which provides Shortcuts actions to get your current Focus mode, and lets you choose

SnailedIt.social App
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A small hosted Mastodon instance for those in want or need of a smaller community focused on kindness, consideration and open-mindedness.

Alex Hay

After the sad passing of Alex Hay, Snailed It Development Ltd has taken over development and support of his apps.

Toolbox Pro App
Toolbox Pro App Icon

Toolbox Pro

130+ powerful new actions to use within Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Nautomate App
Nautomate App Icon


Automate Notion with Shortcuts actions.

Logger App
Logger App Icon


The first developer console designed for Shortcuts.

About Us

Snailed It Development Ltd is an independent development company formed by a group of friends from around the world. We came together to make software that we want to see and use in the world, working to provide solutions that help people in their day-to-day lives. At Snailed It, we believe that software doesn’t work unless it is both powerful and well-designed, so we aim to make products that our users enjoy using.